Sunday, November 12, 2006

گل زعفران

یک عکس گل زعفران از
گرفتم. خودش برای اولین بار چند روز پیش دیددشان. coral در ایران است. اینجا نداریمشان!
زعفران را می بینید؟


Anonymous khodadad said...

I hope I am not discouraging you by leaving so many corrective comments. Tell me if I am getting on your nerves. I have to say that comparing with many other non-Iranians I know, your Persian writing is excellent and I am quite impressed, particularly by the post on ta'rof in which you wrote some beautiful prose.

About this one: خودش برای اولین بار
چند روز پیش دیددشان.

This needs one of those damn "raa"s, the indirect, and now commonly also direct, object marker. In colloquial, as you know, raa often becomes "ro". So:

خودش رو برای اولين بار چندروز پيش ديدم.

Since the third person singular marker "-sh" is already attached to the "khod", you don't need to add it to the conjugated verb.

By the way, I had never seen a coral before and did now know that's what saffron comes from!

10:57 PM  
Blogger تيستو سبزانگشتي said...

Thanks Khodadad,you have tried so hard.But here sentence of the Blogger of ilearnpersian was correct.If you had read her other posts and comment you would know that Coral is name of a person.
And when she says :
خودش براي اولين بار...
means that coral has seen these flowers for the first time not the writer!!!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous khodadad said...

Thanks for that, but in which ever case, you don't need

خودش رو برای اولين بار چندروز پيش ديدمش

ديدمش در اينجا اضافه است:

خودش رو برای اولين بار چندروز پيش ديدم.

Whether referring to the flower or the person, the second -sh is superfluous...

12:37 AM  
Anonymous khodadad said...

Haaaa, sorry, I see my confusion. Okay, she is saying that Coral (the person) has seen coral (the flower) a few days ago, right?

Sorry, I guess what threw me off was the formal "dideshaan" instead of didateshoon (which is the colloquial). My apologies for making a mess of your comments section.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Khodadad, of course we make such confusions for others when we write english sentences!!

8:12 PM  
Anonymous prince said...

سلام دوست عزيز...خوب من تا همين امروز فکر ميکردم به زعفران به انگليسی ميگن:saffron
که خوب مثل اينکه اشتباه ميکردم...مرسی که يه لغت بهم ياد دادی

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

چرا ديگه نمي نويسيد؟

11:54 PM  
Anonymous مريم پاييزي said...

prince شما هم اشتباه متوجه شدي، زعفران همان كلمه اي مي شود كه شما گفته اي.
coral به معناي زعفران نيست.
شخصي است كه عكس اين گل زعفران را براي نويسنده اين وبلاگ فرستاده است.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous شکوفه said...

جالب بود.برای ما بنویسید چرا می خواهید فارسی یاد بگبرید؟

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Mahmood said...

خوشحالم که با وبلاگ شما آشنا شدم. من ایرانی هستم وساکن ایران.اینطور که من فهمیدم شما آمریکایی هستید و فارسی مینویسد. واقعا از ته دل بهتون تبریک میگم.خیلی خوشحالم که با وبلاگ شما آشنا شدم.امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشید ...از این به بعد همیشه به وبلاگ شما سر میزنم.

9:26 AM  

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